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promoshk | 1 August, 2014 | web design 網頁設計 | (4 Reads)

Freeway 7 Pro, which now features responsive design for creating websites that automatically adapt to display for any device. With its easy and intuitive ‘page layout approach,’ Freeway Pro is the powerful web design tool for Mac OS X that enables users to design, build and publish beautiful, professional-quality websites and e-mail newsletters without the necessity for coding or HTML knowledge – and now Freeway 7 includes more flexibility than ever before.

Freeway 7 now offers responsive web design, which means that web designers can easily create sites that will adapt as needed to display for the correct devices, from phones and tablets, to laptops and more. It’s a vital task in today’s world, where an enormous amount of web surfing is accomplished on mobile devices, and thanks to Freeway 7, it’s now easy to accommodate those different device layouts for a site without the use of separate pages for each device.

Freeway 7’s easy WYSIWYG approach on the Mac OS X platform means that anyone can begin designing for the web in minutes. Users can create stunning original websites and e-mail newsletters without having to code, simply by manipulating ‘box elements’ of text, images or videos as needed. Freeway 7 then automatically translates these elements into the necessary code for publishing to the web (or to e-mail newsletter format) automatically.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of Freeway 7, continuing our tradition of offering the easiest tools for the toughest jobs,” comments Joe Billings, Softpress Managing Director. “Websites are visual experiences. We believe, to be truly intuitive, the website design process should be just the same, so that the most creative designers have the freedom to design in an entirely visual way. Freeway 7 is our best work yet.”

Freeway 7 also continues to make it easy for users to incorporate dynamic functionality such as e-commerce, multimedia, and navigation menus to sites, maximizing all of the latest technologies available to web designers along with surprising flexibility and customization.

Exciting new features offered in Freeway 7 include:

  •     Responsive web design: Easily create sites that display perfectly across all devices, from phones and tablets, to laptops and more. Learn more about the responsive web design features in Freeway 7 in this helpful Softpress video:
  •     Automatically generated navigation menus: Creating site navigation is now as simple as drawing a box! Freeway 7 then generates a navigation menu containing all the pages in your site completely automatically.
  •     Improved search engine optimization and social network integration: Easily add descriptions, images, and other information to be used by Google, Facebook and Twitter to each of your pages to maximize your site’s visibility across search engines and social networks.
  •     Greater options for visually stunning table designs: Freeway 7’s new styling tools will enable you to add candy striping effects, transparency, and fine-tuned control over table cell borders, without having to rely on complex custom CSS.
  •     Additional new features: These include the addition of productivity enhancements such as keyboard shortcuts and complete keyboard navigation around items and pages, speeding up site generation even better than before.

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topseos  has named the 10 top web design companies in Hong Kong supplying solutions in the internet marketing industry for the month of June 2014. Businesses searching for impressive web design solutions turn to the ratings produced online in order to find companies which have been judged by an independent third party. The ratings are revised monthly to account for the latest achievements of top competing internet marketing companies and to highlight the top providers of impressive solutions.

The central purpose of topseos  is to identify the most prominent web design agencies the online marketing industry has to offer. The ratings provide buyers of these solutions with a listing of agencies which provide the best solutions based on the opinion of the independent authority with years of experience in research and analysis. The ratings are updated monthly based on the in-depth evaluation process, customer references, and industry research and analysis.

The 10 best web design firms in Hong Kong for June 2014 are:

1) COZA Web Design

2) Imbali Studio

3) Afri Design

4) IndigoVision

5) Think Tank Design Agency

6) NetAge

7) Design Magic


9) Jam Factory

10) Integral Fusion

About topseos 

topseos  is a producer of search marketing ratings in Hong KOng. The key goal of is to uncover and declare those individuals or agencies offering top search marketing solutions available. Web design agencies are put through a thorough investigation to ensure the recommendations contain the absolute best agencies the search marketing industry has to offer.

The 10 best web design firms for June 2014 

promoshk | 28 April, 2012 | web design 網頁設計 | (3 Reads)

What we offer…

Web design & development

Search Engine Optimization

Content Management Systems


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Hilton Fur and Leather (H.K.) Limited is a solely owned corporation with over 30 years experience.  The company is  headquartered in Hong Kong, with manufacturing based in Guangzhou, China, earning international recognition as a leader in fur and leather design.

Services for
Web design
- Web Hosting

Languages for
English / Chinese

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Rm 1102 Heng Ngai Jewelry Centre, No 4 Hok Yuen Street East, Hung Hom, Kowloon

Contact for
Tel. (852) 2334-7381            Fax. (852) 2774-6782Email.

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You Win is a gifts and premiums factory based in Shanghai, China. With many years of experience we focus on promotional gifts and gift sets. We are quite flexible in order to  customize our individual customers’ needs, and try to keep our customers most satisfied.

Services for

Web design
- Web Hosting
- Content Management System

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Address for
Room 502, No. 18, Lu Ming Garden,Lane 199,Min Cheng Road, Shanghai 201100

Contact for
Tel. +86 21 6460 4291            Fax. +86 21 6460 5361

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It doesn’t take too long for online visitors to decide whether they will spend some time on your website or not. A simple reason behind this is that; most of the visitors are impressed by the designs and the presentation of the website as soon as they open it.

Here comes the importance of selecting custom web design for designing your website. It not only provides a better look to your website, but also creates chances for revisits of the visitors. Moreover, it helps you in construction of web content and incorporating with design and identity of the company. So, in order to compete in the online industry it is imperative to keep your website different from others in terms of design, content quality and the unique product and services which will provide. This article will help you to know some of the advantages of opting a custom web design.

This is the most important feature of selecting a custom web design. As you know that visitors are going to visit your website only and only if it looks attractive and distinctive from others. Custom web design enables designers to give it a unique design and features according to your needs and requirements.

A custom web design allows you to put qualitative and fresh content in your website. If the content is found different from others, the browsers automatically keep your website ahead in terms of search made by the users. This increases the chances of more visitors and hence improves the overall image of your website.

Custom web design provides rational communication with corporate identity of the company and also helps to increase your profits with an increase in your sales volume.  Any business is considered worthless until and unless it is able to earn profit. Therefore, it helps your website to grow and fulfill those desires which you have expected at the time of inception of your business.

As an effective navigation assures smooth functioning of your website on different browsers, therefore, it also helps search engines in indexing pages of your website. On the other hand effective navigation allows your users to access your website in a more efficient way and they are assured of a better service, which probably increases the chances of their revisits.

In contrast to regular website templates, custom web development fine-tunes your website exactly as per your needs and requirements. This serves in helping your website to meet the desired need of your audience and would-be customers.

This is the most important reason for most of the website owners to opt for a custom web design. As it allows you to design your website exactly like what you have thought of before starting the work on it. All the services goes waste if you are not satisfied with what you have expected from your website.

This was only some of the basic advantages of using a custom web design. There are still many more to be told, but you will automatically get to know all of them as soon as you start working with them.


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Kung Hei Fat Choi! May all of you be blessed with happiness, prosperity & good health in the Year of Dragon!

Web design :

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promoshk | 2 December, 2011 | web design 網頁設計 | (4 Reads)

Methong Plastics (HK) Ltd. is your partner in plastics recycling. Our long experience in the recycling of all sorts of plastic waste allows us to find the right solution for the disposal of your plastic waste.

Services for
Web design
Web Hosting

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Address for
Room A ,17th Floor, Wyndham Place, 44 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Contact for
Tel. (852) 2866 2991            Fax. (852) 2110 1833

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wedding shooting ,

Nessi Mori provide Japan pre-wedding photo shooting, wedding gown rental and bridal image, 婚紗晚裝, 婚紗照. tel: 23127

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